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We operate as port agents for many tramp- and liner vessels and are being nominated by a great number of principals, both Shipowners and Charterers in all Dutch and Belgian ports.

We coordinate vessel’s arrival and departure, any cargo handling that is desired and ensure that all ISPS requirements are met and any additional services as required by our principals are provided.

Our services include:
  • clearance of vessels and port formalities
  • customs formalities and required documentation for ship and cargo
  • crew changes with a “meet and assist” at the airport if desired, including visa arrangements, hotel accommodation and arranging tickets if and where applicable
  • repair arrangements thru local repair companies
  • delivery/supply arrangements
  • slop- and garbage disposal
  • delivery of cash to master
  • medical assistance: obviously any emergency services but also routine medical services
  • diving services alongside but also at anchorage for repairs or inspection and surveys
  • technical assistance
  • maintenance services, amongst others of life rafts, compass adjusting, renewal of de-ratting certificates etc.
  • transportation/meet and assist services for crew as mentioned above but also for cargo supervisors, surveyors, port captains and other people needing to attend the vessel and/or cargo
  • husbandry

Our cargo care and quality performance:
  • cargo survey
  • quality/quantity survey
  • pre-loading planning
  • pre-checking of (heavy) lifting arrangements/materials
  • cargo quality care
  • fumigation services
  • draft survey

Our cargo handling care:
  • lashing/securing arrangements
  • stowage and dunnage planning
  • stevedoring arrangements
  • storage/warehousing
  • on-carriage to inland destinations

We will assure a good representation of your company in any Dutch or Belgian port of call for any kind of vessel or cargo. You can be assured that all your requirements are met.

Service is of top priority and the impossible can easily be done, only miracles take slightly more time.

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